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Everyone must have heard the word milliner which has been derived from the word “Milan”. This is the identity and perhaps the loudest one witness regarding the grand reputation of the Milan. Its grandness appears when we heard or recognize it as the world capital of design and fashion. Historical facts suggest that around 400BC the Celtic Insubres inhabited Milan. First time in 293AD, it was declared the capital city by the Emperor Diocletian and it was capital of the Western Roman Empire. The great Napoleon also recognized it as the capital of the Cisalpine Republic. In modern time period, the political unification of Italy and consequently the flurry of railway construction immensely boosted Milan’s commercial dominance over northern Italy.

Nature bestowed a humid subtropical climate to Milan Italy. The winter in the city is typically damp and cold. On the other hand one can experience warm and quite muggy summer in the city. Weather condition hardly affects the tourist inflow in the city. It is the overall impact including heritages and advance infrastructure of the city which established the city as the prominent destination for global tourism. Few prominent landmarks of the city are The Duomo, Teatro alla Scala, The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, The Castello Sforzesco, The Palaeo-Christian Basilica of San Lorenzo and so on.

Few noted scholar ranked it amongst the ten Alpha world cities, especially the Italian Stock Exchange “Piazza Affari” have great reputation and an important role in making it one of the major financial and business centers of the world. In present circumstances, Milan is promising a great future. Few futuristic projects in Milan have become the envy for others. Such project may be named as; the European Library; the new quarter Santa Giulia; the City Life project in the old "fiera" sitePorta Nuova project in the Garibaldi-Repubblica zone and the Teatro alla Scala.

Smooth city transportation is an additional advantage in making it the prominent global tourism destination. Subways, tramways, trolleybuses and buses are few empowering wings of the Milan transportation. There are three prime subway lines in the city called Milan Metro. The city is the second railway hub in the Italy as well. Just like smooth transportation; the city restaurants provides good quality delicious and nutritious food. Few famous cuisines are cotoletta alla Milanese, cassoeula, ossobuco, and risotto alla Milanese.

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